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Our services

All at Eagle Inventory value the service we provide together with the strong
connections that we consequently establish with both companies and
individuals. All inventories, schedules and reports are provided electronically
as PDF files within 48 hours of the relevant property visit at which time
payment settlement is invited by invoice.



A comprehensive and detailed inventory report is prepared including photos
of every room specifically highlighting condition.


An inventory is a detailed report and schedule of condition of a property. It includes
information on all contents, fixtures and fittings of a property at the time of inspection.

  Detailed Reports
  Digital colour photos of every room highlighting condition
  The level of cleanliness is recorded
  Quick and efficient


Check in/out

Schedules agreed and signed, utility meter readings taken, management of
keys and reports provided.


The previously completed inventory document is explained in detail to the incoming
tenant or their representative taking care to answer any questions that arise. This is also
the stage where any changes that have taken place between the inventory preparation
and check-in are noted. The inventory document is then signed by both parties giving
a 7 day allowance for the tenant to raise any further issues. The check-out report takes
place at the end of tenancy and serves as a comparison between the original inventory
and the then current condition of the property. It is recommended that the incoming
tenant be present throughout the check-in process but this is not necessary at check-out.

Check in

  Report is agreed with tenant in attendance
  Report is signed by both tenant and clerk
  Utility meter readings are taken where accessible
  Keys are released


Check out

  Collection of keys from outgoing tenant
  Detailed report
  Digital colour photographs of dilapidations
  Direction given on potential liability
  Tenant attendance not required
  Cleanliness documented
  Utility meter readings are taken where accessible


Periodic inspection

Periodic attendance to identify repairs, decoration or maintenance and
tenancy compliance.


There are times when a landlord or agent will consider it necessary for a mid-term or
interim inspection to take place in the interest of all parties. It would be usual, but not a
requirement, for such a property visit to take place with the tenant present after which
a detailed report, specific to the reason for the visit if necessary, will be prepared.

  Report supplemented by digital photography highlighting condition